Cheshire Ecology specialises in botanical surveys. Our lead surveyor is Dr Martin Page MCIEEM, who has spent a lifetime studying the native and ornamental flora of the British Isles. Martin was a contributor to the National Vegetation Classification (NVC) and was a botanist with the 2007 Countryside Survey. He trained as a plant ecologist and is a grassland specialist.

Surveys range from a simple list of species from a site, to a full NVC survey and specialised studies of mosses, liverworts and lichens. We can also provide planting lists of ecologically useful plants for BREEAM developments and advise you on habitat restoration.

Many habitat creation schemes fail because the wrong species are recommended for the site. We can provide advice to ensure that your mitigation scheme is a success. Surveys are mapped using ArcGSI Pro.

Botanical Surveys Cheshir
Botanical Surveys Cheshir

Paris quadrifolia 'Herb Paris'

Caltha palustris 'Marsh Marigold'

"I know what white, what purple, Fritillaries the grassy harvest of the river fields. Above by Eynsham, down by Sandford, yields. And what sedged brooks are Thames tributaries." Matthew Arnold (1822-1888). The Scholar Gypsy.